Bring back the Spring

This AR experience is created for Carnegie Mellon University

Entertainment Technology Center, Building Virtual Worlds 2022, Round 2


It is an immersive AR experience which player have the magic to use butterflies to change the environment and bring back spring

This is a two week project for Building Virtual Worlds class.


  • Unity

  • Oculus Quest 2 passthrough


  • Producer

  • Programmer


As Producer of the project. I communicate between professors and team members. I worked on planning the priorities of projects, timetable and flowchart. I also take notes during meetings to inform the team what to improve. I also took part in designing the game.

I'm also the programmer of the project. I worked on the different stages of the game. I also worked on adding different things to the environment based on the color of the butterfly touched by the player.

User's Experience

After entering the game, player will see three 2D drawings. The drawings are a short introduction of the game. The story started with a caterpillar living happily in an environment with trees, flowers, pond and mushrooms. However, a sorcerer came and turned everything to winter. In order to protect butterflies friends, the caterpillar turned into a giant cocoon. The player can give magic to the butterflies by touching them and each time a different butterfly being touched, some parts of the environment are brought back.

The environment start with a windy and snowy winter. The first butterfly is a blue one and it has fairy dust surround it to direct the player

After touching the blue butterfly, cocoon's first stripe turns blue and may other butterflies comes out. The pond changed from frozen to what it suppose to be. And the passthrough changed to blue instead of greyscale.

After touching the green butterfly, the cocoon add a stripe of blue. The trees also change color and the leaves grows. The passthrough change to green.

When a yellow butterfly is touched, the cocoon add a stripe of yellow, and the sunflower grow form the ground. The passthrough change to yellow.

After touching a red butterfly, the cocoon add a stripe of red, and the mushrooms either grow form the ground or defrost. The passthrough change to red. The wind stopped at the third butterfly being touched.

When a purple butterfly is touched, the cocoon add a stripe of purple, and the purple flowers grow form the ground. The passthrough change to purple.

When all the colors of butterflies are collected by player, the cocoon transforms into a giant butterfly. All the environments are being added back to the world. The player can continue to stay in the game to touch different colors of butterflies and change passthrough colors.


The topic we were given for the game is creating a game that player will feel"freedom". We choose touching butterflies is because the players have the freedom to collect butterflies in any order they want. They can also continue to stay in the game after collected all the colors.

We change the Oculus passthrough colors according to the butterflies color to make the game more engaging. When players notice the difference in the passthrough, they start to consider colors as hints to complete the game.

Storyboard & Flowchart

This shows the order of the logic and sequence of things happening in the game.