The Last Prodigy

This immersive VR experience is created for Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center, Visual Story and Building Virtual Worlds merge assignment 2022, Round 5


It is an immersive VR experience which player act as prodigy. The player need to gain Kung fu mastery by matching gestures from previous Kung fu masters.

This is a two week project for Building Virtual Worlds class.


  • Unity

  • Oculus Quest Pro


  • Producer

  • Programmer


As the producer of the project. I communicate between professors and team members. I worked on planning the priorities of projects and timetable. I also took notes during meetings and designed the game.

I'm also the programmer of the project. I worked implementing the detection of wether the player's gestures are correct, the scoring system and scene changes in the game.

User's Experience

The user begin with watching a video telling the goal of the player in the game. And a instruction on how to match the gestures is also shown.

Every time player matches a pose correctly, the past Kung fu master will turn into ink and fly to add on to the Mastery score. If the player's both hand matches then their score will add 100, if only half got right the score will add 50, if non are correct then the score will minus 50.

The player will lose if their score is below 500 or their combos is lower than 5.

If the player win, they will see this screen indicating their success

Special Features

Pass the final exam to become the next master of the mountain! Retrieve your mastery in kung-fu by matching poses form each past kung-fu master. The Last Prodigy is rhythm games which player need to match Kung fu gestures. The game is able to strengthen player's physical health and to celebrate the heritage of Kung fu culture since Kung fu has been an traditional exercise that people practice for over 4000 years.