This immersive VR experience is created for Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center, Visual Story and Building Virtual Worlds merge assignment 2022, Round 4


It is an immersive VR experience which player act as a detective Blake to find his/her missing child Ava. Blake's superpower is that he can touch other's belongings and recall their last memory with the item. In the game the player can touch multiple Ava's object and recall her memory to get to know her more.

This is a two week project for Building Virtual Worlds class.


  • Unity

  • Oculus Quest 2


  • Producer

  • Programmer


As the producer of the project. I communicate between professors and team members. I worked on planning the priorities of projects and timetable. I also took notes during meetings and designed the game.

I'm also the lead programmer of the project. I worked implementing the different stages of the game, playing videos when an object is touched, all the scenes and scene changes in the game.

User's Experience

Player (detective Blake) starts by sitting at the desk. The phone is ringing, calling from contact person. When phone is answered, the contact person tells Blake there are new cases to be solved. Then the player got another call from Ava's teacher Mr Anderson. Ava is the child of Blake but he/she is so busy that does not have time to take care of her. After Blake got the phone call, the player starts to find Ava's belongings to hold on and recall Ava's memory. After watching the video, Blake realizes that how little time is spent with Ava and will pay more attention to her in the future.

There are 4 different objects for the player to hold on to and 4 corresponding videos to watch.

Drawing 1

When player hold on to this drawing, a video about Ava drawing this with her best friend Cait is played. Ava wanted to draw with her parents but they did not have the time.

Drawing 2

The video for this drawing is that when Blake come home at night, Ava try to show her the drawing but Blake was to busy to do so.

Toy's 3D model in the VR scene

Toy in the video


In this video, Ava is holding this toy while hearing her parents fighting behind the door.


After school, Ava's teacher Mr. Anderson asked where are her parents. Ava pointed to a direction but non of her parents showed up to pick her up from school. She had to walk along and go back by herself. On her way home, she say a men dressed in black, which is the suspect of child kidnapping cases.

Backpack's 3D model in the VR scene

BackPack in the video


After watching all the videos, the player hears door knock and Ava come back with Cait after spending the day at Cait's school's festival. Blake got mad asking why did Cait took Ava without Blake's permission. Cait explained that she did and Blake even wrote it on the calendar. Blake realized how much Ava is being ignored and Blake may not be the only superhero to the world, but is the only superhero to Ava.