Dream Guardian

This VR experience is created for Carnegie Mellon University

Entertainment Technology Center, Building Virtual Worlds 2022, Round 1


It is an immersive VR experience which player act as a boy's teddy bear and serve as a dream guardian to protect the boy from nightmares.

This is a two week project for Building Virtual Worlds class.


  • Unity

  • Oculus Quest 2


  • Co-producer

  • Programmer


I am a co-producer of the project. I worked on planning the priorities of projects, timetable and flowchart. I also take notes during meetings to inform the team what to improve. I also took part in designing the game.

I worked on the UI of game and generating the nightmares.

User's Experience

After entering the game, user then fist listen to an audio of instructions from the god of dream telling them he/she is a teddy bear of the little boy, and they are going to protect the boy.

Then user enters the room and see a flash light and dream catcher. User need to turn on the flash light in order to see the nightmares.

User need to use the dream catcher to change the nightmare to good dream.

Some nightmares attacks from a distance, which the user need to aim and throw the dream catcher towards the nightmares.

After the user get used of how to change nightmares, a nightmare boss shows up and brings more nightmares

After player changing all the nightmares, the sun game out and the boy wakes up laughing.


We want to make it a psychological comforting game so that users do not be afraid of nightmares anymore. The idea of teddy bear as the transforming nightmares into good dreams by using dreamcatchers is to make the game heartwarming and engaging for the users.


There are four different looks of nightmare and each nightmare correspond to different looks of good dreams.


This shows the order of the logic and sequence of things happening in the game.