Ganster Rabbit

This 3D Rudder experience is created for Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center, Building Virtual Worlds 2022, Round 3


It is 3D Rudder experience is a two player competition game. The players need to use 3D Rudder to control the police and push the ganster rabbit to the other player side.

This is a one week project for Building Virtual Worlds class.


  • Unity

  • 3D Rodder


  • Co-Producer

  • Programmer


As the co-producer of the project. I communicate between professors and team members. I worked on planning the priorities of projects and timetable. I also took notes during meetings and designed the game.

I'm also the programmer of the project. I worked implementing the control of 3D Rudder into the game to control the player's movement as well as setting up the scene and timer.

User's Experience

After entering the game, player can enter their names. And after they hit play, a instruction shows up to direct the player.

When time is up, the player who scores the highest wins.


Since we only had one week for the project, we wanted to make the game fun and intuitive to play with. Therefore, we chose to use 3D rudder for the player to control the movement.