MR Escape Room

This project is is a independent study at Entertainment Technology Center,

showcased at Carnegie Mellon University  Carnival 2024




Leading the development of a mixed reality (MR) escape room using Unity and Oculus Quest 3, I guide a team through the project’s execution. As the main point of contact between the student development team and the independent study instructor, I ensure the project meets the professor’s expectations and criteria. I manage the project timelines and milestones, promoting an efficient workflow and on-time completion, while upholding high standards of quality and innovation.

Goals for the project

The objective of this project is to explore and expand the potential of mixed reality (MR) in location-based entertainment by developing an interactive, walk-through experience. Utilizing the Oculus Quest 3, this project delivers a controller-free environment where all interactions occur through physical installations and props, eliminating the need for handheld devices. The experience features multiple virtual worlds, each with distinct visual styles, coexisting within a single physical space. Enhanced with 3D virtual effects and decorations, the space transforms to provide a deeply immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of what is currently achievable in mixed reality applications.

Set Design


During the CMU's 2024 Carnival, our room is in the Class of 1987 Room in Cohon center. We host our escape room for 2 days and had around 60 players participate in our experience.