This AR experience is created for XR Brain Jam,

Games for Change Festival 2022


Sixth Sense is an AR app to simulate schizophrenia symptoms in an authentic and respectful way to foster understanding and empathy.

This is a three day game jam project.


  • Unity

  • Magic Leap 1

  • Heart rate sensor

  • Arduino Uno


  • Producer

  • Programmer


I'm the producer of the team. I serve as a liaison between XR Brain Jam and my team. I also take notes and make plans for the project.

I also worked on the heard rate sensor and reading the value using Arduino Uno.

User's Experience

Users experiences multiple auditory hallucination while walking down a hallway with a beloved friend. The hallucinations are triggered by everyday objects. The friend will guild user through hallucinations.

The heart rate of users is monitored during the experience, which is displayed and analyzed after the experience.


We simulate auditory hallucination using spatial audio.

The hallucination is triggered by AR objects in the real world: alarm, book, TV.

“Auditory hallucinations are among the most common symptoms in schizophrenia, affecting more than 70% of the patients.” Source

The heart rate sensor can display the user's hear rate through out the event. Which can allows us to understand their heart rate change during the simulation of schizophrenia.


This storyboard shows initial ideas of the project.

Project testing

Voice overs