Liubo Lab

This project is is created for Carnegie Mellon University 

 Entertainment Technology Center, 2023 spring




I am a producer of the project. I worked on planning the priorities of projects, timetable, reporting to project instructor. I also take notes during meetings to inform the team what to improve. I also took part in designing the game.

I am work on implementing the rules in the game in Unity.


The ancient Chinese board game Liubo (六博棋) is one of the earliest board games in history. It was once very popular but is now only known from limited artifacts and texts. Its boards are often found buried in tombs, along with playing pieces. Scholars have argued for centuries about how the board game was actually played, and several methods have been proposed

Goals for the project

Reconstruct and playtest this “lost” ancient board game, based on available artifacts, texts, records, English/Chinese-language scholarship, consulting with experts, etc. – plus our team member’s own ideas about player experience and which version of the game seems the most fun.

Create a digital method (a game, an app, etc.) to teach contemporary audiences how to play our proposed reconstruction of Liubo. Also convey some of the history of the game and information about how it’s been reconstructed.